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Indian women ‘culturally appropriating’ ‘blue’ in clothing

Indian women are “culturally and economically appropriating” “blue” clothing “for the purpose of sexual exploitation,” according to a new report.

A study by the Center for Research on Women’s Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, published Monday, found that in some instances, Indian women have made “cultural appropriation” of “blue clothing” by “cultivating the idea that they are ‘blue.'”

The research, titled ‘Indian women appropriating blue’: A cultural and economic analysis, analyzed “preliminary evidence of cultural appropriation by Indian women” across a number of industries, including fashion, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, food, and consumer products.

The study found that “Indian women are culturally and economically, historically, and culturally appropriating ‘blue clothing'” by “cultural training,” or the practice of “culturing the idea of oneself as a ‘blue person.'”

“In some instances Indian women use blue clothing as an excuse to ‘play’ blue with their male partners,” the report said.

“In other instances Indian men use blue as an object of sexual assault.”

The study, titled “Indian Women’s Cultural Appropriation of Blue: A Cultural and Economic Analysis,” was published in the journal Current Anthropology.

The report’s authors, Karen Bose, the senior author, and Elizabeth Kagan, the report’s co-author, analyzed the “possible use of blue in Indian women’s cultural appropriation activities in several contexts.”

Bose noted that Indian women often use “blue as an alternative to traditional forms of dress, such as traditional Indian dress or traditional clothing.”

In the study, they found that Indian men “use ‘blue as a means of sexual intercourse,” which was “often accompanied by sexual violence.”

Bosh, who worked as a research associate at the center, told ABC News that “the women in the study used blue as a sexual object to control and control men.”

“Blue is a powerful symbol of sexual liberation and women’s empowerment,” Bose said.

In addition to the studies, the Center also conducted a follow-up study that found that a small percentage of Indian women had used blue “as a form of physical coercion,” and that “most Indian women did not wear blue to sexual assault as a form in their personal lives.”

The center’s report also found that one in five Indian women “has experienced sexual assault at the hands of their intimate partner.”

In an article on its website, the center wrote that “while Indian women continue to live under colonial rule, they are reclaiming their cultures and reclaiming gender.”

In India, the country’s largest democracy, where the country is home to about 10 percent of the world’s population, sexual assault is “common, but not the norm,” the Center wrote.

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