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How to make your Australian accent cool again

When it comes to accent, it is all about how you pronounce your own name.

I am so glad that the ABC has decided to take a more progressive approach to accent and I hope that they continue to do so.

Cecilia Cane’s accent is the opposite of how I had originally thought it would sound.

She is an Australian who moved to the United States to study, and now lives in Australia.

While she has been living in Australia for more than a decade, she says she still uses her old Australian accent in most situations.

“I do not think my accent is that different from anyone else,” she said.

Her favourite place to speak is in the comfort of her home, where she has a huge collection of American movies, TV shows, books and CDs.

And when she speaks to her daughter about American culture, she always says “I am from the United Kingdom”.

Crazy is my new accent While Cane is happy with the change in her accent, she has had a change of heart after discovering a different kind of accent on a television show called Australian Idol.

It was a show about Australian women, but Cane said it was about Australian girls.

A friend told her that she should try it out, so she tried to recreate her old accent.

But it did not work.

“It is a very hard accent,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So, when I started to try it I was quite shocked by how hard it was.

I would say I have actually got the worst accent of any Australian I have ever met.”

Cane said her family was a bit apprehensive about how she would react to the new accent, and that it was difficult to hear them talking.

“My mum was very protective of me and that is something I would never do,” she explained.

It is not just about accent: Cane has a big interest in the history of Australia and her family is proud of the fact that she is the first person in her family to have a British passport. “

[My family] are very supportive of my accent and they are very respectful and they love me for it.”

It is not just about accent: Cane has a big interest in the history of Australia and her family is proud of the fact that she is the first person in her family to have a British passport.

The only thing that is stopping her from doing that is her family, who are proud of her heritage.

“I am very proud of my Australian heritage and I am very much Australian,” she laughed.

Australian Idol has helped Cane overcome her anxiety about the accent and, like many Australians, she said she was relieved that it did.

“When you hear the accents, it feels like you are not hearing anything,” she added.

“And that is not a bad thing because we all know what it is like to be in a foreign country, you have a lot of things to learn.”

Read more about the ABC’s ABC program, America’s Favorite Australian: Caught on Film, on the ABC website.Read more:

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