How to define ‘rape culture’ in French culture

France is home to more than 60 million people, and many people are concerned about the rise in rape culture in the country.

In France, sexual assault is defined as: A crime where someone intentionally touches another person’s sexual organ without consent, without the victim’s consent.

Rape is a crime against a person who has been physically assaulted, who is unconscious or unable to consent, or who is mentally incapacitated.

However, in France, many people think that all forms of sexual violence, even rape, are equally unacceptable, and that all men and women are equally capable of being perpetrators.

“Rape culture” refers to the belief that all sexual activity between consenting adults is wrong and that men and girls are incapable of experiencing and consenting to any sexual activity.

The French government has taken action in recent years, with the criminalisation of “manspreading”, the removal of a clause in the penal code that defined “manslaughter” as “the intentional killing of a person by another person with a weapon or other means of incapacitation”, and the banning of the use of “rape culture” in schools.

In October 2017, a French law was passed that allows police to detain suspects for up to 12 hours without charge if they are convicted of sexual assault.

But it was not until September of this year that the French government issued a report that highlighted the prevalence of “misogynistic” and “gender-biased” attitudes and practices within the French community.

French Culture Minister Yves Lecourt, who was also a member of the cabinet at the time of the law, said that the act of sexual abuse and rape was a serious crime and was therefore not covered by the law.

The report, “Rape Culture in France”, was released by the Paris office of the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), a French think-tank.

It analysed over 400 sexual violence cases in France and found that women were much more likely to be sexually assaulted than men, and most cases occurred in bars and nightclubs.

The report concluded that the problem of rape culture is not limited to France but also exists in other countries in Europe.

It found that a woman in France was twice as likely to report being raped as a woman elsewhere in the EU, which means that rape is a global problem.

France is one of the most socially conservative countries in the world, and the French population is increasingly likely to see rape as a sign of decadence.

It has also been accused of making the country less tolerant of women’s rights, and a recent report found that the number of rape cases in Paris had doubled in the past decade.

In March, the French National Assembly passed a bill banning the use “mansplaining”, a phrase coined by feminist activist and activist Gloria Steinem, that means to use the male voice to make a statement about sexual activity, including a woman’s genitalia.

The bill was signed into law by President Emmanuel Macron, who has also proposed to ban “mansplainers”.

The French government is currently drafting a law to combat “manspandering”, and has recently launched an anti-rape education campaign.

But the law is expected to face resistance from the French culture ministry, which argues that the language of “man” and the “female body” should be left to the public sphere, and not to the criminal justice system.

This is not the first time France has faced criticism for the lack of progress on rape prevention.

In 2009, the country passed the country’s first anti-racism law.

The law requires French universities to teach students about the dangers of racism, homophobia, sexism and xenophobia.

A 2010 report by the French Academy of Sciences found that there were 4,824 rapes in France last year, and over 60,000 reported rapes in 2015.

However the report did not address whether the country was doing enough to prevent rape, or if the report was based on a study that was flawed.

There are also worries about the impact of the current French president, Emmanuel Macron.

In February, Macron became the first sitting French president to be suspended for his support for the far-right National Front, a political party that has been linked to violence against women.

Macron has said he was “not interested” in politics, and has promised to bring his party back to power.

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