How to grow a cannabis plant

Cannabis culture is a booming industry, with thousands of companies competing for a slice of the market.

But how to grow the plants?

The answer depends on where you live.

If you’re not in the United States, it’s easy to grow your own, but in Europe, it can be difficult to grow cannabis on your own.

The European Parliament has approved the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but there’s still a long way to go to actually grow cannabis in Europe.

The first step is to get a licence.

The EU has approved growing cannabis for a range of medical purposes, including cancer treatment, epilepsy, chronic pain, and AIDS.

So how do you get a license to grow?

First, you need to apply for a licence in the EU.

The process is very straightforward.

The application is basically like a letter of invitation.

You send your application, and it’s then referred to a panel of judges.

They will decide whether or not to grant the application.

If the judges agree, the licence will be granted.

But the process is more complicated if the applicants are from outside the EU, or if the applicant is an EU citizen or permanent resident.

If an application is approved, the applicant will then have to pay a licence fee, which is usually around €20 ($22).

The application can take months to process, so it’s best to get in touch with a local grower.

The cultivation of Cannabis in Europe In the United Kingdom, the growing of cannabis is allowed.

In Northern Ireland, where the current licence has been approved, cultivation is still illegal, but a new licence has recently been approved for cultivation.

However, cultivation can only be carried out on private land.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, including cannabis gardens that are on public land, or in private homes.

But even these are still illegal in the UK.

Here are the main rules about cultivation in the European Union: The plants are not to exceed 10 metres in height and have to be cultivated on a flat-roofed site in the garden.

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