India’s ‘best’ yogurt brand on sale online in 50 countries

India’s “best” yogurt brand is available online in over 50 countries and is selling well on Amazon, leading to hopes of the country becoming a market leader.

Culture yogurt is a popular food that can be purchased in grocery stores, fast-food restaurants and even online through Amazon.

The brand, named Kashi, has been around for about 30 years, and is owned by a group of individuals, led by the actor Amitabh Bachchan.

It has a healthy, dairy-free and gluten-free recipe.

Amitabh, who is also known for his movie The Godfather: Part II, is an avid fan of the brand, which is also popular in Asia.

“My favourite yogurt is Kashi,” he said.

“I used to buy it in the grocery store.”

The brand has been sold online for about $1.50 per 200g bottle.

It was launched in the US by Culture Food Group, an online grocery chain.

The website is currently under renovation and is not currently available to view.

The Kashi brand has received a lot of attention from the public, with some consumers even making a petition on

This petition called on Amazon to pull the brand off their shelves and offered the brand a $1 million reward for any help that it received in the matter.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The new yogurt will be sold in the country at the Kashi store in New Delhi.

It is a $15-$25 per 200ml bottle, priced at around $9.50-$11.50.

Kashi’s first foray into the US came in 2013 when the brand opened a pop-up store in Atlanta.

The pop-ups were limited to a few thousand customers, with the brand also releasing a new yogurt with similar ingredients and the same name.

Kashi’s India expansion has taken place in recent years and the brand has grown in the past two years.

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