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How the internet can help the U.S. fight ISIS

The internet has allowed people to communicate with each other without leaving their homes.

Now, it is giving them an alternative to having to travel to a remote region to visit family or friends.

That means people can share the news on social media without having to leave their homes or travel thousands of miles to get it.

The internet also offers a new platform for fighting Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

For now, the only way to join the internet is to buy a phone or pay for an internet connection, and it is costly to purchase a home internet connection.

But as more people get connected to the internet, governments are opening up access.

Here are some of the things that are happening: The U.N. wants to make the internet a universal resource that could enable everyone to have access.

The United Nations says the internet could be used to distribute information, provide access to health care, and help people find work.

The U-N has been working with governments around the world to make this happen, including the United States.

It says it will develop a plan to make sure that the internet stays free, accessible and democratic.

“The Internet is a platform that allows the people of the world access to the most comprehensive and complete information of the modern world,” the U- N said in a statement.

It is also looking at ways to provide people with affordable broadband, to provide free Internet access to schools and libraries, and to help communities connect with each one of their neighbors.

The U.K. is pushing to make its own version of the internet available to everyone.

In the coming months, it wants to launch a public-private partnership with the British government and the U.-N to make all the internet services accessible and affordable.

The Internet Service Providers Association, which represents U.k.-based providers, is working on a similar plan in the U

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