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President Trump ‘has the confidence’ to tackle cultural issues

President Donald Trump has the confidence in his administration to address issues like race, and “cultural humility,” the White House said in a statement Monday.

The president, in an interview with The New York Times published on Friday, said that he would not address “things that aren’t going to help the country.”

The president did not mention race specifically, but he did address the topic of racism and said, “We’re going to be going after it.”

The Times article reported that Trump told the newspaper that he had a “deeply held” belief that “racism is bad,” and that “it’s bad when you take people’s jobs, it’s bad and it’s very, very bad when people say that they hate other people.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Monday that Trump has had “the confidence” to tackle issues like racism and that he has a “clear understanding of how we can be inclusive.”

Trump has a strong record on issues like immigration and trade, Sanders said.

“He is the president of the United States, and that means he can’t just say ‘let’s make sure the laws are enforced,'” Sanders said, and she added that Trump “has the authority and the responsibility to make sure that the law is enforced.”

“He’s the president, and he has the authority to enforce the law,” Sanders said of the president.

Trump is in the middle of a major political trip to China and Vietnam, as he tries to rebuild the country’s standing after a decade of a crippling economic crisis.

The president has pledged to work with China to improve trade relations, increase trade and investment, and create jobs.

In Vietnam, the president visited a new high-tech center to promote the country as a global leader in high-speed broadband.

He also met with Vietnamese officials to highlight the importance of high-quality education for children.

Trump has faced criticism from lawmakers and civil rights groups for his handling of the opioid crisis, which has killed hundreds of people in his first months in office.

In response to the crisis, the Trump administration has been pushing for tougher enforcement of the countrys opioid laws.

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