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Which cultures are really the most culturally vibrant?

This year, the fourth annual Cultural Lag Awards are being held in Egypt.

The award is given to countries that “show a greater understanding of their own cultural heritage than their neighbors”.

It was created in 2015, in an effort to highlight how the world’s cultures have changed over time, and the influence that the cultural landscape has had on their lives.

Egypt, which had been considered a “tourist hotspot”, is now a “diversity hotspot”.

There are plenty of reasons why this is the case.

In 2016, Egypt was the only country to be awarded the Cultural Lag award.

The country has also been a key market for cultural exports, as the cultural market has grown significantly in recent years.

“Egypt is the biggest cultural market in the Middle East,” said Fadel al-Fawzan, director of the Middle Eastern and African Studies Program at the London School of Economics.

Egypt has the largest number of foreign visitors in the world.

“People come to Egypt to get a taste of the culture, to see what it has to offer, and they want to be able to feel proud of their country,” she told Al Jazeera.

“We have seen in recent decades that the tourism sector has become more and more important in Egypt, and it is becoming more and better organised.”

Egypt is also home to some of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cultures in the region.

“There are people from around the world who travel to Egypt every year, and for a long time they have been looking for a place where they can live and learn and have a sense of belonging,” Fadel said.

“They have an appreciation for their culture, and we can’t have that in Egypt.”

The Cultural Lag awards recognise countries that have a “greater understanding of cultural heritage” than their neighbours.

The awards were founded in 2015.

“The award recognises countries that are in a position to contribute to the cultural and intellectual life of the world, by promoting and supporting their own cultures and heritage, and by creating and nurturing a thriving community of culture, science and technology in their countries,” the awards’ website says.

In order to be considered for the awards, the country must demonstrate that it has “a culture that is rich and rich in diversity”.

Egypt is one of the five finalists, but it is unlikely to be the winner.

In the past, it has not been a particularly popular prize.

“In Egypt, people do not have the luxury of choosing one award to show off, so we chose the one that was the most inclusive,” said Farhan al-Saleh, director at the Egyptian Association for the Promotion of Cultural Life.

“To get the best award, we have to work hard and to make sure that there is no conflict with other cultural and academic prizes.”

Egypt has been in the Cultural Development Committee since 2013.

It has a history of being a political party, with the government funding its programmes through tax money, according to Sadaam Abdul-Karim, the president of the Cultural Affairs Committee.

“It has always been a party of the middle class, which means that there are very few middle class people in Egypt,” he told Al-Jazeera.

“So this award is for the middle and upper class, because that is the group who have the most to offer.”

It is not the first time that Egypt has had a Cultural Lag Award.

It was first awarded in 2009, when the government was still in power.

“One of the reasons why we are in the position where we are is because we were elected in a very difficult time,” said Abdul-Majid al-Abbas, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Cultural Development Council of Egypt (CEDCO), which is in charge of organising the awards and organising the conferences, has not commented on the recent events.

It is important to note that these awards are not handed out by the government, but rather the CEDCO itself.

It would be a mistake to suggest that there was no conflict between the awards.

Abdul-Maqsoud said that the Cedco had the power to decide who gets the awards for the first place.

“Our organisation is independent, we are not dependent on the government,” he said.

But it would also be incorrect to suggest there is nothing in place to prevent the government from using the award to promote its own image, as it did with the Cultural Heritage Awards in 2014 and 2016.

“I don’t think there is any conflict with this award, because this is not an election,” said Abdel-Mabhair.

“If the government wants to promote itself, it can promote itself.

“But there is also a risk that the government will use this award”

But there is also a risk that the government will use this award

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