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How to deal with the culture appropriation issue

A lot of people have been trying to understand the culture of Russia.

They’ve been saying “we’re not like that”.

I think that’s very important because we have a huge culture of cultural appropriation.

It is not just a matter of copying a film or a television show.

It’s not just copying a painting.

It isn’t just copying something that you’ve seen in a museum.

It happens to be that something is copied over and over again.

It has become a cultural phenomenon.

We have seen it in the media, in art, in music.

So we’ve got to understand that.

But also we have to understand how we can tackle this.

I think there are two issues.

The first one is we’ve seen that people who are in charge of our culture have taken a very narrow view of what it means to be Russian.

They see Russia as an idealistic, cosmopolitan, and cosmopolitan country.

And it’s not so much that we are not cosmopolitan.

It just means that we have an interest in this culture that is shared by everyone.

But they have a very limited understanding of what that means to actually live in a country.

The other issue is the fact that we’re in the process of creating a cultural environment that is very hostile to our identity and to the Russian culture.

The whole concept of the cosmopolitan identity, which I believe to be an essential element of any modern society, is being completely and utterly destroyed.

And the Russian society is being destroyed, as well.

We see this in a lot of places.

For example, when we were young, we had to be very careful when we visited Moscow.

We had to stay in a hotel with a different kind of food, different kinds of drinks, and different kinds and kinds of clothes.

We were told not to talk to the locals, and we were never allowed to meet the people who were working in the city.

We didn’t even have the right to see them.

So I think we’ve been living in a culture that we’ve created and then have been systematically dismantled and destroyed by those who are leading the country.

This is very clear in my work.

I have published books about how I think Russia’s culture has been systematically destroyed.

We are now facing an epidemic of cultural destruction in the country, with the whole idea of cultural co-existence in Russia being completely annihilated.

This idea of co-existing in an environment of hostility and hatred and suspicion, of being treated as foreigners in Russia, has been obliterated.

In the past I’ve also talked about how in the beginning of the 20th century, people were afraid of the Nazis, but that was a mistake, because in the end it was the Russians who started the war against the Nazis.

In that sense, we have been living with the Nazis for a long time, and they’ve destroyed us.

The idea that we will live in harmony with them in the future, the idea that our culture is to be preserved and preserved in this way, has now been completely and completely destroyed.

This has happened to our culture, our identity, our language, our culture.

So the idea of living in the Russian country, as a cultural community, is absolutely not possible.

It can only be a matter in which the people of Russia work together and live in an atmosphere of hatred and fear.

It cannot be a cultural exchange that we’ll be able to sustain.

And this is what the current crisis is about.

This crisis has already started.

The crisis is in the last few days.

We’ve had some people in the government, in the courts, in other institutions, saying that we should not pay taxes to the Russians.

We shouldn’t pay to them any taxes at all.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s taxes from abroad or from Russia.

The same idea has been expressed by the Russian ambassador to the United States, who told the president of the United Kingdom that he shouldn’t accept Russian donations.

And there are also people in some of the countries who are demanding that we close our borders.

We’re talking about a culture of destruction and a culture which is destroying our culture in many ways.

I hope that this crisis is a way of putting the question, How can we overcome this?

How can the country continue to live in such a way that our children will never grow up in a place where they will be afraid to ask a question?

The answer to that is that we must take this crisis seriously, as serious as we can.

This will mean a great deal to all of us.

In my last book, I talked about the need for a new cultural language.

There is a need for new cultural and intellectual expressions in Russia.

And that’s why I said that this new language must be based on the Russian language.

That’s why we must also be interested in Russian as a universal language.

This language, which is a Russian language, is an essential part of our history.

We need to remember it.

I also talked

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