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New Mexican judge to oversee the country’s legal marijuana industry

The state’s attorney general says she will oversee the legal marijuana market, which has become the most lucrative in the United States.

The attorney general announced the move Wednesday, saying that a state-appointed task force would be tasked with making recommendations to the state Legislature on how to regulate the state’s burgeoning marijuana industry.

The group would be made up of the chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general, state agencies and the attorney for every district.

It would be responsible for overseeing the state-licensed marijuana industry and overseeing the licensing process.

The task force will have access to data and analysis from the Colorado and Washington legalization initiatives, and could be empowered to set rules for the sale and distribution of the state legal marijuana, Attorney General Hector Balderas said in a statement.

Migos Culture, which was formed in 2016 to promote the legalization of marijuana, says it has more than 20,000 members nationwide.

Its mission is to educate, inform and inspire young people about marijuana, BalderAS said.

He added that the group’s members are “voting to legalize marijuana in their states, so we can have a better future for our kids.”

Migres Culture was formed by a group of former and current members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Its members include former officers, police chiefs and police departments from California to Texas, Baldias said.

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