How to Celebrate the Centennial of the American Civil War

The American Civil Wars marked the end of the British Empire, but it also ushered in a new era of nationalism.

To celebrate, here are 5 ideas for celebrating the Centenary of the Civil War.1.

The Civil War Monument at the Tomb of the Unknown SoldierThe Civil War monument at the cemetery of the soldier who led the Union army into the Civil Wars is one of the most important Civil War monuments in the country.

It is an amazing tribute to the heroism of the Union Army that it is at the site of the war’s end.

This is one reason the monument is such a poignant subject for the public.

A small plaque near the base of the monument reads:The Civil war memorial at the tomb of the unknown soldier who commanded Union forces during the American Revolution.

The Monument to the Unknown Unknown Soldier Monument is located at Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Virginia.2.

The U.S. flag at the Arlington Cemetery of the late Confederate President Jefferson Davis3.

The monument commemorating the American patriots who died in the Civil warThe statue of the statue of Jefferson Davis sits at the top of the U. S. Capitol.

Davis was the first American president to declare the War of 1812, but he lost his life in the conflict.

It was also the first time the U

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