Why the Raiders are embracing ‘cultures’

The Oakland Raiders are a football team that plays in the National Football League, but the Raiders aren’t the only team in the NFL to embrace a culture.

A group of Oakland Raiders players have been spotted wearing “cultures” for health as they practice.

According to TMZ, the players, including wide receiver Andre Holmes and linebacker Justin Ellis, wore the custom-made items during practice on Sunday.

The players also wore them during the team’s Thursday night home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

According to TMZ:”We’re going to have to find something else to wear for this.

This is a cultural thing, this is a lifestyle thing, and we want to show that to our team, our fans, and our players,” Holmes said.

“It’s a culture for us to be here.

We can’t be just in our own little bubble.

We want to be part of this community.

And we want people to understand it.”

According to the Raiders’ official website, “We have been inspired by the culture of culture and wellness that exists within our community and around the country.”

Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said the players are taking part in the initiative because it’s important for the team to promote health.

“I think it’s just about showing the community that they are part of something special.

We’re not just going to walk in and do whatever we want, and they’re not going to tell us what to do,” Del Rio told the team.

“I think that’s really important for our culture, that’s what it is to be a great team.

And to see them being active members of it, it’s awesome.”

The Raiders have not yet announced when or where the players will wear the custom “culture” items.

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