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How to get rid of your cultural masks

If you have a penchant for wearing masks to mask your social anxiety, a new startup is trying to help.

Called Cultural Mask, the company aims to provide a “natural way” to identify and remove masks, a technique that has become a major part of social anxiety treatment.

It is an approach that is based on the notion that masks are “just like” or “the mask,” says Chris Kowalski, CEO of Cultural Mask.

They are “a mask that you wear to mask some of the symptoms of social phobia.”

“It’s the same thing, but you don’t want to be too conscious of how it’s worn,” he says.

The company also hopes to provide better treatment options for those who suffer from social anxiety.

For instance, it could help people get rid to their masks at home, if they’re on a tight schedule, and for those with other anxiety disorders.

“We want to help people not just have a mask on but have a way to mask it,” Kowalksi says.

“It might be in a suit or tie or a sweatshirt.”

The company, which is based in the Bay Area, has raised $15 million from a number of investors including Google Ventures, the Draper family and others.

For those who have experienced social anxiety before, they might have experienced anxiety associated with social cues, such as the person you’re talking to or the conversation being held.

Kowalyk also says that people should use masks with “very specific meanings” that are easy to identify, such the “cool mask” worn by people who are having a conversation.

“I don’t think you can just use a mask that’s like a mask,” Kowealyk says.

He says people should have a different mask for each social cue, and that masks should have an “intent” of masking symptoms rather than masking the person.

“What we’re trying to do is not to make a mask out of the person, we’re actually trying to make them out of something else,” Koyalyk said.

“And we want to have something that is actually like a physical mask, so you can feel it on your face.”

The product, called The Face Mask, is being developed by a group of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and Harvard Medical College.

Kowealski said they are currently testing the product with over 200 people.

“Our primary aim is to identify what are the different social cues that might trigger anxiety and then provide an appropriate mask that can be worn for each,” he said.

The Face Masks are available in three different sizes, which can be purchased online.

The mask is made from a material that can “re-enact” the skin tone of a person, Kowalin said.

To mask symptoms of anxiety, one person might put on a mask, while the other person wears it to mask symptoms.

“The mask itself is not really a mask at all, it’s just a mask for the person who is wearing it,” he explained.

To make the mask, the researchers have to create a prototype using an existing mask prototype, which would be worn by a subject in the study.

Once the mask is created, the wearer can put it on to try and mask symptoms, Kowealksia says.

After the mask has been put on, the person can then wear it.

The facial mask could also be used as a mask by the person in the research, but it would need to be made from “really good material,” Kohalyk adds.

For example, the mask could be made of silicone or polycarbonate and the person could also wear a special mask to mask facial symptoms.

He said that while the mask may not be a mask in the real world, the idea behind the mask seems similar to the mask in film.

“In a movie, you can really see how people react to the person,” he explains.

“So I think people have a kind of idea of the mask as a way of mask the person.”

The facial masks are designed to be removable and can be changed with care.

“There’s a lot of thought behind it,” said Kowaleksi.

“If it feels uncomfortable, we don’t like it.

But there are a lot fewer complications and we can go out and buy another one if we want.”

Kowaleski said he is hopeful that his facial mask concept will eventually be developed into a product that can help people with social anxiety treat their symptoms.

However, Koyalkski cautions that people with a social anxiety disorder should be wary of the product because it is “a little bit like a prescription medication.”

“If someone comes in with a mask and they think it’s going to work, they’re going to think, ‘I don’st know how to make that work,'” he said, adding that he is unsure if the mask would work for everyone.

Koyalski also says he thinks the face mask concept is

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