The most popular songs of 2017 so far…

We’re at the point where we can finally say with confidence that the year was a success, thanks to the internet, Spotify, and the music industry.

But how many of us can say it was the best year ever?

So we’re going to count down our top 10 tracks from the past year.

We’re not just talking about what we listened to, but what we loved.

These are the songs that made us think, or at least we wanted to.

Let’s see what the world of music has to offer.1.

The Hillsborough tragedyThe Hillsborough disaster marked the beginning of the end of British soccer.

But even in the aftermath of the tragedy, many songs were still resonating in the years following.

This year, we’ve chosen from a longlist of songs that have been a constant inspiration to us:The Hillscoresad a band that we were really lucky to have, even though they were on our team, we still miss them.

They made a really big difference to us and our life, but now we just hope that they’re still around.1 a.

The Cure’s “We Will Rock You”Cure’s “It’s Only Love” became a cult classic in 2017.

It’s the song that brought together the love and sadness of a young couple on the verge of breaking up.

We hope that people who saw this song will understand the true meaning of love, the power of life, and how it’s a very selfish thing.2.

The Clash’s “Flaming Arrows”It was hard to tell how many times The Clash performed the song when they were young, but it was still a powerful song when their band was touring.

In 2016, the song became a part of a film about the band, “The End of Rock”.3.

TLC’s “Walking On Water”The song is the soundtrack to many an awkward conversation.

The song has been used as a rallying cry in many times of grief and stress, and has even been used by President Trump.

In 2017, we chose the song because it was one of the most memorable moments in American history and the song is a great anthem for the new generation.4.

Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”One of the songs Beyoncé performed at the 2017 Grammys was “Lemme See You.”

In 2017 she became the first person to perform “Lelouch” at the Grammys, and that performance was a highlight of the show.

In the song, Beyoncé sings the song as a response to her ex-boyfriend, who is now in jail.5.

Rihanna’s “Work”This song is about an awkward moment in life.

It shows Rihanna on the brink of a breakup.

The chorus is sung by a man who has no idea that he’s the one in the song.

We chose Rihanna because it’s the most famous line in the history of music.

The rest of the lyrics are about what it means to be in love and being vulnerable.6.

The Who’s “Love Me Do”In 2017, the Who recorded their third album, Love Me Do.

The record is an album about relationships, and it explores the power and powerlessness that comes with feeling rejected.

We like that the Who’s lyrics are really honest and reflect the emotions of the band at that time.7.

Beyonce’s “The Color Purple”This was the first song of the year that we chose to feature on our countdown.

It is the song of her breakup with Jay Z, and is a beautiful song that reflects on a complicated relationship and her faith in love.8.

Beyonc’in’ “Glamorous”This is a song that we all remember from the song “Lucky.”

The song was written by the late singer and actress Tina Turner, and we chose this song because we felt it captured her in a way that no other song did.

The singer sings, “You were beautiful before you were, you are beautiful now, I can feel it in my bones.”9.

The Chainsmokers “Stay”We chose the Chainsmoker song because they were the only one who seemed to fit the bill of a “popstar”.

The song is really about growing up, and finding your voice and being who you really are.10.

Rihana’s “Diamonds”A song that was written during her time as a teenager, Rihanna sang it as a tribute to her deceased father.

We love that Rihanna was able to create a song for her father that is so powerful, and in our opinion, the best song ever written for her.

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