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Twitter, Google, Microsoft cancel culture maps due to cultural diversity

Tech giant Twitter has cancelled a popular cultural diversity map on its platform, citing the increased threat of terrorist attacks as a reason.

The map, which was created in 2016 by researchers at the University of Washington and the University at Buffalo, showed a map of the world’s most diverse countries and regions.

The goal was to show which countries have the most and least diversity, and to highlight that diversity is not limited to ethnicities and religions.

However, the data from the map showed that the most diverse country was India, and that the least diverse country is the U.S., a country that was named one of the most “toxic” countries for its cultural diversity in 2016.

The data from both the 2016 and 2017 maps was available to the public, but Twitter says it’s decided to keep it private.

Twitter’s announcement comes a week after the FBI released a report that found that the number of terror attacks in the U:S.

in the last five years was nearly twice the number reported in 2015.

The report found that over 2,400 attacks in 2017 were carried out in the United States.

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