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‘What We’re Going To Do To You’: Women In Tech Are Trying To Fight The Trump Effect

Tech giant Intel’s culture clash with female leaders is forcing many to confront their own sexism.

The backlash has also forced the company to acknowledge that there are real and lasting impacts on the work culture it’s building.

“We need to be a better partner for our team and a better culture for our employees,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a recent interview with The New York Times.

“I think we are starting to realize that.”

Krzanikich’s comments come as Intel is on a mission to address the gender gap in the tech industry, which is now at the largest level since the rise of women in tech in the 1980s.

While Krzanic has been praised for tackling gender inequity and diversity issues at Intel, many have taken issue with his focus on the tech sector.

“It’s not the best place to start,” wrote a user on the Twitter account @sarapidus on the social network earlier this month.

“The fact is, Intel is a male-dominated company and women make up about 5% of its workforce.”

A recent report from the National Women’s Law Center found that the number of women who hold leadership positions in tech has dropped from 9% to 8% over the last two decades.

The issue isn’t limited to Intel. “

This is not the way forward.”

The issue isn’t limited to Intel.

Last month, Twitter said it would create a new diversity program, with a focus on “diversity in leadership.”

The company also announced a new $1 million fund to help tech companies hire more women, with more than $2.5 million to go toward hiring 100,000 new female leaders by 2020.

“Women and men have different goals and priorities, but we all have the same basic goals and values,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement last month.

The move is part of a broader trend in Silicon Valley, where tech companies are moving to hire more diverse teams and recruit more women.

“If you are looking for ways to build a strong, inclusive and welcoming workplace, the right thing to do is hire more people of color, women, LGBTIQ, and women in STEM fields,” said Lisa Blumberg, the executive director of the National Center for Women & Girls, in an interview with Bloomberg.

“But there’s no substitute for addressing the systemic barriers that still exist in the workplace.”

In recent years, women in the field of tech have been making headlines as they speak out about sexism and gender inequality.

Former Uber engineer Sheryl Sandberg has publicly accused the company of treating its male drivers unfairly, while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has apologized for the “pervasive” sexism and harassment his employees faced on the platform.

And this month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he wants to hire 100,00 women to work in the company’s engineering departments.

“In order to be an effective leader, I have to be able to look at all of our team members and understand the diversity of the team, and how we all relate to each other,” said Bezos.

“You have to make sure that the culture you build and the workplace is an environment where everybody feels comfortable and is treated with respect.”

But while the issue of sexism and discrimination has been addressed by companies and leaders alike, many of the tech companies’ attempts to tackle the issue have been met with criticism.

While Intel has come under fire for its efforts to hire women, many critics have accused the tech giant of not being transparent enough about its hiring policies, which they say is inconsistent with the values of a tech startup.

“Companies are doing a poor job of transparency and having real conversations with their employees and stakeholders,” said Sarah Koehler, an executive director at the Center for American Progress, in the New York Time.

“People need to know what they’re getting into and what their roles are, so they don’t feel pressured into joining a company where they feel like they’re being left behind.”

In response, Intel has announced that it will open a “safe spaces” section of its website, which will allow employees to share their thoughts and experiences about sexism in tech.

The company is also launching a training program for its employees to better identify workplace harassment.

“Intel’s new ‘safe spaces’ initiative is a positive step to increase diversity and inclusion,” said Tim Murphy, the head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in The Wall Street Journal.

“For decades, companies have been able to avoid taking action because they didn’t want to risk having to change how they work.”

But the company is just one of many companies trying to address these issues.

The tech industry is a hotbed of sexism, with companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon having experienced backlash from their female employees over the years.

“They are still able

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