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NHL: Can ‘hookup’ culture have a lasting impact on hockey?

It’s no secret that hockey is one of the top sports in the world.

And while there’s a long history of players who play a unique style of hockey (think Jaromir Jagr, Rick Nash and Alex Ovechkin), the league’s biggest stars haven’t always shared the same passion for the game.

But there’s one player who’s always been in the spotlight: Gordie Howe.

When he was just an 18-year-old rookie with the New York Islanders, Howe was one of only a handful of players in the NHL to score at least 200 points in the regular season.

But as he went on to achieve more than 50 goals and be named the league MVP, he started to feel like a bit of a novelty, a superstar.

When Howe played in his first Stanley Cup Finals in 1988, the world was introduced to one of hockey’s most famous figures.

He scored his first goal in Game 6 of the Final against the Boston Bruins, but his heroics were overshadowed by a number of other players who helped the Islanders win the series.

The next year, Howe won his second Cup and the world saw his legend rise to new heights.

Howe, however, was still only an 18 year old at the time.

He had just finished his sophomore year at the University of Michigan, and his team was struggling to score goals against a talented Boston team.

The Bruins, who had led the league in goals scored in the previous season, led 3-1 in the first period before Howe scored the game-winner.

The celebration was one that was going to be remembered for years to come.

When the Islanders defeated the Bruins in Game 7 of the Finals, Howe became one of just five players in NHL history to score 50 goals in the postseason.

That was the most points scored in a single postseason by a player who was not on the other team.

But Howe’s story wasn’t over.

In the following years, he would score an even more incredible goal to seal the series in the 1993 Eastern Conference Final, the last playoff game of his career.

He would score a hat trick in Game 5, a goal that became known as the Game 7 Miracle, and Howe would go on to be named one of 15 most valuable players in hockey history.

And while it’s easy to forget that he’s only 18, Howe is also considered one of NHL history’s greatest all-around players.

He’s one of three players to have scored at least 600 points in three different seasons.

He is also one of a few players to average at least a point-per-game rate in three straight seasons.

And he’s one who has racked up over 1,000 goals and over 1.5 million penalty minutes.

In other words, Howe, in all likelihood, has played more NHL games than anybody else in history.

That’s an impressive accomplishment.

But while the success of the Islanders and Howe’s career has been well-documented, there’s more to his legacy than just numbers.

Howe’s influence on hockey has been far-reaching, and many of his contributions are far-ranging.

He has a large impact on how young hockey players approach the game, especially the game of hockey.

For instance, he helped create the concept of the ‘shot’ and the ‘hook’ as well as the modern-day analytics used to quantify how good a player is.

In an article for the Chicago Tribune, NHL writer Dave McMenamin noted how Howe helped change the perception of hockey as a game played with a goal in mind.

He was also a huge influence on how teams think about their players, the way they think about themselves, and the way their fans see the game that they play.

He also has a huge impact on the NHL, in many ways, and in many different ways.

In today’s game, the most prominent thing about the ‘goalie mentality’ is the emphasis on making sure the goalie has to make a stop.

Howe did just that in his own way.

He wanted to make sure he had to make an emergency save.

In other words: He wanted his teammates to stop.

It’s an old idea, but one that’s still important.

In a sport where goalies often play to the whistle, it’s important that their saves come from their legs.

And in the modern era, where goals are now scored at a pace that requires the goalie to make his final save on every play, this concept is no longer necessary.

There are plenty of other things that Howe did that have an impact on modern-era NHL players, but he’s perhaps the most important one.

Howe is arguably the greatest hockey player to ever live.

That makes him an important part of hockey history, and that’s what makes him a legend.

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