How to find a soccer club in Guatemala

The Guatemalan soccer team is in the midst of a huge national cultural transformation.

As the nation’s national team prepares for its first World Cup qualifiers, the country is celebrating its past, present and future.

It’s also in the throes of a major cultural shift: its embrace of foreign-born players.

As a growing number of players are born outside the country, the league is experiencing an influx of foreign talent, as soccer in the country’s largest city, Guatemala City, and among some of the countrys biggest clubs have begun to attract players from abroad.

According to the Guatemalan Soccer Federation, Guatemala’s clubs are spending more than $10 million on foreign players each year.

That’s more than double the $2 million spent on foreign-trained players in 2015.

The trend is especially strong in the Guatemalans capital, Guatemala, where the stadium has hosted the most internationals at least once, according to the local newspaper, El Observador.

The average cost of a foreigner signing with the Guatemayan club is about $20,000, which is about 20 percent of the average cost in the United States.

That money goes toward the construction of the stadium, the training facilities, uniforms and coaching staff, which include players who are part of the local culture.

It also allows the club to pay for their own training, travel, and medical fees, which are higher in the US than in Guatemala.

In addition, the club can also pay players’ wages.

“They are part owners of the club,” said Jorge Salazar, a soccer historian and soccer expert who has spent years studying the Guatemalo football club.

“It’s the players, but also the club.”

Salazar has been researching the club since the 1990s, when he was working for the US government’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

He says the club’s history has been one of discrimination.

Many Guatemalas have been forced to move abroad because of the drug war.

Many have left the country in search of better opportunities.

Others have left their families behind and sought asylum in the U.S. and elsewhere.

But Salazar said the club has not always faced discrimination.

He remembers one day when he and a group of his colleagues were visiting a local football stadium.

“We were told to come back a day later, and we were told that we could not come back the same day,” he said.

“This is how we are treated here.”

The Guatemalan club has seen some of that discrimination firsthand.

In 2012, the team received a letter from the Guatemala Ministry of Health threatening to deport any Guatemalos who left the state.

The letter included an image of the soccer club’s logo and a picture of the football club’s flag.

The club refused to leave the state, even though it had already left the U and was now in the process of moving to Mexico.

That was only a few weeks after the club announced it was forming a new national team.

“They [the health ministry] told us, ‘We will deport you,”‘ Salazar recalled.

“And that’s what we did.”

Salazar is the president of the Guatemala Foundation for Football, a non-profit organization that provides support to local soccer clubs and coaches, including the club.

He said the team’s move to Mexico was a big step forward.

“We think that this is a big opportunity for the Guatemalian team to play in the best country in the world,” Salazar told Al Jazeera.

“So they need to take that opportunity to get to Mexico.”

Salazar said that his club, which competes in the Liga MX, the second-tier soccer league in Mexico, is not a front for the government.

“In my opinion, we have never been targeted by the government,” he explained.

“They don’t even know what the club stands for.”

He said that many clubs in Guatemala have also been supportive of the new national soccer team.

“The most important thing is that this [new national team] is a reflection of the best of the Guatemaleans,” he added.

Salaz said that although Guatemala’s team has a history of discrimination, the current state of the national team is more positive.

The team has been invited to play against Mexico in the upcoming Copa América Centenario.

If the team plays well in the Copa, Salazar hopes it will draw more players from the country.

“It’s a chance to show the world that there are players who love the game here in Guatemala,” he told Aljazeera.

“I hope that we will see more people who love soccer.”

In 2017, Guatemala made history when the country became the first country to legalize the use of marijuana.

The government has since passed several anti-drug laws, and more than 300,000 people have been arrested on drug charges.

After the club, Salazer said he was more focused on the future of the

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