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New research suggests a cultural clash could drive the Zika virus epidemic

By NANDA TALMOURA and SETH MAURICEAPIt’s a case of the new normal.

A new paper published in the journal Nature, by a team of researchers from Harvard, Columbia and the University of California, Irvine, argues that people in Mexico have a much more difficult time coping with the Zika pandemic than their American counterparts.

The team used data from more than 30 million people to examine the social network structure of more than 1.5 million individuals from across the country.

The researchers also looked at data on infectious disease cases, health outcomes and the number of new infections.

Their findings, published in Nature Medicine, suggest that the Zika-caused social stressors in Mexico, which the researchers call “cultural conflict,” could be driving the outbreak of the virus in the United States.

The new paper found that people living in the country have more social isolation, greater anxiety and higher rates of anxiety and depression.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (grant R01 GM083892).

Researchers found that those living in rural areas have the highest levels of social isolation in Mexico.

In rural areas, people spend more time away from home and more time alone, compared to the urban population.

In rural areas the stress is greater, but it’s not a direct result of the Zika outbreak.

The authors note that while social isolation is a significant risk factor for infection, the researchers don’t yet know why people living near cities are at a higher risk.

There are many potential explanations, including climate change and environmental factors.

They say the increased isolation could be a direct consequence of the heightened social stress associated with the pandemic.

“We do know that people are being more isolated and there are people who live near a lot of people,” said lead author Jessica Muhlestein, an assistant professor of anthropology at Harvard University.

“It’s really a combination of those factors.”

The researchers believe that the pandemics pandemic is affecting the people living around the world.

“If you look at the social networks of people around the globe, it’s very similar to what is happening here,” Muhllestein said.

“People are socializing, they’re sharing, they are spending time together, and they’re feeling a lot more isolated than they were before.”

In a separate study, Muhlis colleagues also found that the social stress in Mexico is the same as that in many of the other countries affected by the pandemerts outbreak.

However, the Mexican social stress was not the main driver for the pandemaker outbreaks, the scientists note.

The stress could be related to the lack of communication between communities, Muffletoe said.

In a study published in Science, Mokhtar Ghazali and colleagues from Columbia University, Harvard and the U.S. National Institutes, found that a lack of information, fear of infection and isolation are factors that increase the risk of spreading the virus.

The group analyzed data from a sample of 8,865 people from more that 200 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

They found that social stress and lack of knowledge about the virus were factors that increased the likelihood of spreading.

While the pandems virus is spread primarily by close contact between people, people who are more isolated have a higher chance of infection.

In this study, the authors also found a correlation between the social isolation of people in rural settings and the likelihood that they would be exposed to the panderer.

Muhlsteins team also found an increased risk of infection in the areas with a higher number of people living with people from other cultures.

While Muhls researchers say there are many possible reasons why people are living in Mexico and not in other countries, the social strain may be one of the most important factors.

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