Why you should stop buying Starbucks coffee

The coffee bar, which started as a humble operation in New York City’s Times Square, has become a symbol of corporate culture.

Its origins in the 1970s are the subject of a new documentary, co-produced by the New York Times and PBS.

“The Starbucks story is an American story,” the documentary’s narrator, James Carville, told TIME.

“We need to look at it with a wider lens, a broader sense of purpose, a wider view.”

In the documentary, Carville looks at the history of the coffee bar in New Jersey, where Starbucks first opened.

“They came here in the 70s and they came here to New Jersey and they thought they could do whatever they wanted,” he says.

“That’s what they did.

And that’s how they got to be where they are today.”

The story of the Starbucks bar has been told in books and in movies, and the bar’s history has been well-documented by the news media.

“This is a bar with a history, a long history,” Carville said in the documentary.

“It’s a bar that’s been around a long time.

You look at the coffee in the bar, you look at its history.

And you look, like, to the future.”

The bar’s origins The bar started in the Manhattan neighborhood of Times Square in 1972.

It is the first bar in the world to serve only espresso and cappuccinos, and was named after its founder, George McCallum, who was the founder of the New Jersey State Police.

Its founders were friends who started out as taxi drivers in Manhattan.

McCallam and his wife, Mary, were both trained as baristas and both left the business after a couple of years to start their own company.

McCam said they started Starbucks because of the need for people to order coffee in a coffee shop, and they took on a mission to make coffee at home.

The business was founded on a simple concept: A barista could order a cappucino in a cup.

It was the first time that Starbucks had ever offered coffee in an espresso machine.

When Starbucks opened its first location in 1979, it was still just a few doors down from a barista shop called The Coffee Shop, owned by a man named Jerry Schram.

The Coffee House was located at 15 Washington Square East, a spot that is now the iconic spot for coffee shops and restaurants in the area.

The coffee shop was closed for several years, but by the early 90s, it had become a fixture in the neighborhood.

“There was an instant love of coffee in Times Square,” said Carl Mancuso, an associate professor of advertising at Rutgers University.

“I don’t think anybody could ever have imagined that coffee would be this big and this popular in that area.”

The original coffee bar had about 100 seats, according to the documentary and a coffee house worker who was present at the time.

The shop’s interior was decorated with posters of the founders of Starbucks and other famous New Yorkers.

One poster showed a young man with a smiley face.

The bar also had a bar stools, which were custom-made for the bar.

“At the time, coffee wasn’t something that you were going to order for lunch or dinner,” said Mancuuso.

“You were going into a cafe, ordering something, and then taking it home and enjoying it with your family.

That was the idea behind Starbucks.”

McCallums wife, a former teacher, had become fascinated with coffee and started working at Starbucks.

He bought the bar and started serving espresso at it.

After a few years, he was able to start selling coffee in other locations.

The first Starbucks location in New Orleans was opened in 1975, and by 1987, Starbucks had more than 1,300 locations in the United States and Canada.

The company’s original business model was to serve coffee to customers at their tables and serve coffee at their homes.

“Our model was that we serve the coffee to people who were there, who were seated,” McCall’s wife, Mollie, told Time.

“And then we serve them their cappetas and then we let them enjoy it in their home.

And so it was a very traditional, traditional business model.”

A decade later, Starbucks expanded its offerings to include a wider range of beverages.

The brand began selling cappets in coffee shops, and in the early 1990s, Starbucks started offering cappetting.

In 1999, Starbucks became the first company in the history to sell a capper to a customer.

In 2008, the company introduced the Starbucks cup.

“So, it’s really been the Starbucks model that’s the model for the rest of the industry,” Mancuscio said.

The Starbucks model was so successful that by 2005, Starbucks was selling a capping service at all of its locations, with more than 600 locations in more than 20 countries. Starbucks

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