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Migrations are in a slump: The Indian migration boom has been hit by a cultural shock definition

The Indian migrant wave is now over, as migrants have been coming back to their homeland with new identities and cultural values.

In an article on the New Statesman, The Times of India columnist and immigration expert Dr. Rajeev Sharma wrote that the Indian migrant boom has now reached a cultural tipping point.

“The migrant wave was a cultural event, an expression of the globalisation of globalisation, the global transformation of the way Indians are perceived and the cultural shifts that have taken place in the Indian society,” Sharma wrote.

“But now the migrants have gone back to India and are not assimilating.

The migration is a crisis, a crisis for Indian society, and the crisis for India’s future.”

A migrant’s experience of immigration is different from an Indian migrant’s story The Indian government has been trying to curb the flow of migrants, while simultaneously trying to protect the culture of India from cultural displacement.

It has also implemented policies to encourage more migration, which Sharma says is a positive development.

The Times’ Sharma says there are a few examples of migrants who have succeeded in their efforts.

But he says the overall migrant wave, which was triggered by a lack of economic opportunity, has left many migrant workers with very little work experience and little prospects of finding a job.

“Indian workers are not doing well.

They have been under-employed for over 10 years now, and they have been pushed out of their villages and forced to go back home to live in makeshift huts,” Sharma said.

“This is not a situation that would have been favourable for a migrant worker.

But they are working, they are getting an education and have had opportunities to learn about Indian culture.”

Sharma said India’s migrant crisis has created a rift between the migrants themselves and the government.

“Many migrants are now feeling alienated, they feel that they don’t belong to the community and that they are not treated as human beings,” he said.

India has seen an influx of migrants to the country over the last few years.

In 2014, there were nearly 2.2 million migrants in India, according to the World Bank.

India’s immigration policies are not always successful In recent years, India’s government has introduced various policies aimed at curbing the influx of migrant workers.

One of these measures was the “Migrant Migrants Relief Act”, which allowed the government to grant conditional work permits to migrants.

India also allowed foreign companies to invest in local companies.

But the migrant crisis continues to be a concern for Indian migrants, who are not being able to find work and who are often forced to migrate for economic reasons.

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