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The science of culture

The world’s cultures for health and culture are in crisis.

They’re in crisis because we’re failing to build bridges and understand the human experience, said Dr. Matthew St. Clair, founder and president of the Center for Culture and Health.

We have to understand our cultural diversity.

St. Claire, who has been involved in the field for decades, also emphasized that we can’t be complacent in addressing the cultural issues.

He believes we’re on the cusp of a cultural renaissance that will usher in a new era of human health and wellness.

He said we need to build a bridge between the cultural and the biological and cultural and biological and human and then build a holistic approach to both.

“I think we’re in a period where there are more and more people in all walks of life who have a cultural experience,” St. Clare said.

“It’s not just for those who are blind or deaf.

It’s not only for people who are obese or who are diabetic.

It is also for people that are under the age of 45.”

And, he said, it’s also for those in different health-care settings, such as in primary care, hospice and long-term care.

“We need to find ways to bridge that cultural divide,” St

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