How Do You Know if a New KFC Chicken Is the Real Deal?

A new Chinese fast food chain is claiming it’s the real deal with its chicken.

Haitian Culture Foods says it’s a better deal than most, and a healthier alternative to other chains.

It has about 500 outlets in the United States.

“It is better than any other brand, because it has better quality, better taste and better health benefits,” the company said in a news release.

“We have the most diverse range of chicken, vegetables and fruits in the world.”KFC China is the latest fast food giant to launch in China.

The Chinese company’s latest offering is called “Haiti Chicken.”

The company has already set up two stores in Shanghai, one in the capital and another in a small town in eastern China.”KFC has always been the king of Chinese food,” said a former manager of one of the Chinese branches of KFC, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter.

“Now, there are so many companies that are competing with us, but we’ve never really seen anyone else come up with this new concept,” he said.KFC, which is owned by Yum Brands Inc., said its chicken is “not only healthier, but it is also more delicious.”

The fast food chains have been pushing a new product line called KFC Taste, which promises “delicious, unique flavors and textures” and “deliver more taste and nutrition.”

The flavor promises include “flavor of honey, maple syrup, and fresh fruit.”

It also says the chicken will have “nutritional value.”

Haitians are familiar with the term “KFC taste” because it refers to the taste of the fried chicken.

It also refers to “KFBS flavor” or “KFFS flavor.”KFTS is the French term for KFC chicken, which means “Chicken Fat.”

The brand has had a big impact in Asia.

China, Vietnam, India, Korea and Japan are the main markets.

In the U.S., KFC has been expanding in the past two years, and its first stores opened in Florida in 2014.

Its latest product is a more than 60 percent price cut compared to the competition.

The brand also has been offering a free two-week trial of its new flavor and healthier products.KFFS has been selling its chicken online for the past six months, but its website has been down since February.

KFC’s parent company Yum also announced a $1 billion investment in the company in August.

The company is also expanding its stores in China and Vietnam.

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