How to watch the video of Guatemala City’s latest counter culture movement

I know how much of an outsider I am here in Guatemala.

I grew up in the country and was taught the values of guerilla warfare.

I know the fear of a corrupt police force and the stigma that accompanies it.

I can remember being shocked at the brutalization of a child, when he was caught and thrown into a cement pit.

And that is exactly what happened to me.

My father was the only person who ever did this to me, and he was a police officer, too.

But I was always taught the right way to do things, the way to defend my homeland and our people.

When the guerrillas first began to take over, I felt a huge sense of pride, and I knew that if I was ever to fight back, I would have to learn.

I had already fought for a few years when I was 13 years old, when I became a guerillas fighter.

But, like all guerillos, I was a soldier in my heart.

It was at that point that I realized that I needed to get out and fight, to take on the cartels and other gangs that were in control.

The guerrillos are the most feared and feared in Guatemala, and that is why they are the one thing that is not being taken seriously in Guatemala as a whole.

We are a small country with only 10 million people, so even if we have an army, a police force, and a social security system, there are only so many of us to be taken seriously.

The cartels have become the largest and most powerful in the world.

As a young man, I wanted to join them.

I was an American citizen and a U.S. citizen living in Guatemala at the time.

I came to the United States to be a citizen.

I thought it would be a better life for me and my family in the United, as opposed to Guatemala, which had been under a U,S.

military occupation since 1979.

I decided that I wanted a better future for my country.

And so I became one of the first guerrilla fighters in the 1980s.

But I was wrong.

I joined a group called the Revolutionary Army of National Liberation, or ARL, because I thought that it would make the difference between a free and independent Guatemala, or a country under the control of the cartels.

My life in Guatemala was not a happy one.

The government was brutal, and the armed groups were ruthless.

I felt like I was doing everything they wanted.

In the end, I did fight.

And it was the fight that changed my life.

The ARL was born out of the frustrations of the armed struggle and the frustration of the Guatemalan military, but also the love for my people.

The fight for independence has always been my passion.

It is what motivated me to become a guerriller.

The guerrills in Guatemala are the people of my birth, the people who helped make my family a family.

They were the ones who taught me about self-reliance, and they are my people today.

The revolution that began in 1976 was the first of many that I fought for.

The rebellion began in my hometown of Iguala, a city in Mexico City.

At the time, I lived in an area known as the “Mérida” neighborhood, and it was in this neighborhood that the rebels first organized.

They had a large, red flag with a white cross on it.

The rebels believed that if they carried the flag, they would get a higher place in the hierarchy.

And they did.

I remember walking around with my friends and getting yelled at and beaten by the rebels, and then we were told to get on the bus and go to Iguala.

We were told that we were going to go to a prison called the “Cabrales,” where the rebels planned to imprison a guillotine to be used against the guerilleros.

And we were supposed to take the bus to the Cabrales.

I think I was the youngest of my group of five friends, and we were only 10 or 11 years old.

The bus driver took us to the prison, where we were all put into solitary confinement and told to be quiet.

There was no food, no water, and no one was allowed to leave the prison except to go out for a walk.

We would be locked up for days, and sometimes months at a time, in this prison.

The only time we would get outside was to visit our family members who were being held in a nearby town.

There were so many people in the prison that the prison was overcrowded.

But the prison guards, because they knew the rebellion was a real thing, were very kind and respectful.

They never beat us, and at least in our cell, we didn’t get beaten.

We also never had to pay a cent.

They told us

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