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Which is more likely to affect your life: A family member or a job?

I am not sure what this is referring to.

I would imagine it is more of an ‘is this really necessary?’ question.

But I suppose it could be a question for a family member.

I was going through a tough time, and my husband was having a hard time finding a job, and I was feeling stressed out, so he decided to look into becoming a cultural assimilator.

I had no idea that the idea of assimilation meant ‘bringing your mother or your father into your life’.

And if that sounds too far-fetched, remember that my husband is of Asian descent, and that I am of Irish descent.

So, I suppose this is another one for a cultural assimilator to ponder.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a job or a career, I think it is better to look for a new career partner than to look at a new spouse.

I know it is not ideal, but I can assure you that having a partner who speaks your language and who understands your culture is always a better alternative.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider UK.

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