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Hoop culture is the cultural competence that allows you to create and maintain a healthy relationship with the people you love

The term “Hoop Culture” is a term that’s used to describe a style of individualistic, culture-bound relationship where a couple tries to achieve some sort of collective goals.This is a good thing because it’s a great way to build personal connection, to have your partner feel like they’re part of the larger group, and to […]


‘My culture is mine’: ‘It’s like a war zone’: Guatemala’s culture clashes with its neighbours

Guatemala’s former dictator Raul Jimenez is stepping down as president after a six-year term.Here are five things to know about the country that was once home to the world’s longest-suffering population.1 / 5 Guatemala’s economy grew by almost 4% in 2016, compared with 4.2% in 2015, and has seen a sharp rise in exports and […]

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What is ‘culture’?

What is “culture”?When it comes to entertainment, a “culture” is defined as a group of people, people who share a common cultural or linguistic identity.The term “culture,” however, can be applied to different cultural elements, such as sports teams or songs.The word “culture” comes from the Greek words “cuneiform” and “culture.“But while the word “caucus” […]

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