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How to be a green culture hustler

If you want to be successful as a green cultural hustler, you must understand the cultural divergence between Africa and the United States.This infographic, created by Culture Hacking Magazine, explores this cultural difference, highlighting what the Green Culture Hiring Alliance has learned in the past year.Read the full story: Culture Hitching is a series of […]

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When is Chinese culture forbidden?

Chinese culture is being forbidden in the United States, according to the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council.In a report published Wednesday, the Council said that China’s use of “stereotypes” of American cultures in its treatment of people and the use of stereotypes of Chinese cultures have contributed to a sense of mistrust […]


Cultured meat’s new craze

The cultural sensitivity movement is back and it’s a new crake.This time, it’s not just about how cultural differences between different cultures are perceived or treated.It’s about how those differences are defined and how they are celebrated and celebrated in ways that are culturally insensitive.The latest craze is the cultural appropriation of cultures, which is […]

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