Why cross-cultural communication is so important, writes Michael Stoller

We often hear about the importance of cross-culture communication when it comes to communicating in the workplace.However, as anyone who has ever taken a job interview knows, cross-culturally speaking is also important.In fact, cross cultural communication can be an essential component to the job interview process.The job interview is an essential part of the job-hunting […]


How to make a yogurt culture

Posted March 08, 2018 06:11:07 By the end of 2018, the majority of people in the world will have tried at least one yogurts or yogurteas.They are delicious, nutritious, and healthy.There are thousands of varieties of yogurtes and yogurtas, and their names are all over the world.But the word “yogurts” has come to mean something […]

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What does the music and culture of the Philippines say about us?

“It’s an opportunity to see and hear the cultural differences that exist in this country.I really enjoyed it.”-Ramon Aguilar, performer, rapper, performer at the Manila cultural center.“It is a very good opportunity to understand what’s happening in the country and to learn from our Filipino colleagues.”-Nancy Loya, performer and DJ at the Polynesian Cultural Center.“I […]

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